Lynn Anderson Fine Art

Unexpected Imagery


Happy accident

Wandering through a community garden with camera in hand an autumn cabbage flourished unnoticed in the grass. Composing the scene in my view finder, I shot a soft focus intimate landscape.

Later, I discovered the white balance on the camera was a mistake – a custom profile from a mixed lighting studio shot—not appropriate for an outdoor landscape. Yet, the blue tones gave a magical and otherworldly cast to the print–a  surprise mistake which encouraged many further explorations.

On another outing, I glanced through a dirty window in midwinter,  and noticed the pale peach and green elongated leaves of a tropical plant, with sunlight illuminating it’s form. The colors were exquisite.

Throwing caution to the wind, I shot the back lit image through the dirty glass. The ensuing photograph spoke to me of transcendence going beyond banal, ordinary circumstances to discover purity at one’s core.

Transcendence Photograph

Photo through dirty window

I am convinced that a mysterious creative force works through each of us, taking hold at opportune moments. For those who photograph, there is the need to be vigilant, and “hope for hazard,” to borrow French fashion photographer’s Sarah Moon’s words.

Thus, I walk through earthly, and disheveled landscapes, looking for more than what is literally seen.  There are shapes, lines, forms, movement, and color to assimilate.  I watch for the unexpected. Composing a scene in my lens,  I maintain a restless wait, listening for the silent whisper that says “click now. ”

Abandoning the clear focus of the camera lens,  I photograph emerging beauty, ignoring thoughts about ideal settings with the camera and the light.  I watch, wait, and keep moving, until I hear the visual voice that says “Now!” Trusting that sense, the magic unfolds.


The Space Between Now and Next